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Rental transparent LED screen is a problem that many businesses are in need of renting transparent leds for events, exhibitions, conferences, even retail stores, in commercial centers, so How to find a reputable rental unit, as well as what factors help you find a reputable unit that meets the requirements of your business.

What is transparent led screen?

Transparent LED screen is considered a new advertising solution to replace the traditional printing advertising method for a long time. Improved based on many experiences, along with high transparency that can be up to 95%, this screen displays images and videos at night with stage effects. makes it invisible in daylight, so can make the space appear larger and more professional. This new rental transparent LED screen  will suit all the wants and needs of customers, can bring a new experience, a new version of stage effects.


NOVOAD transparent LED display is designed with easy assembly and dismantling, this display can illuminate both day and night thanks to its high brightness which is a great solution for both commercial centers, and Also the best choice for cultural and entertainment events.

The transparent led screen with aluminum frame design reduces the weight of the screen, as well as ensures the correct size for the screen. In addition, the cabinets are connected to each other by smart locks, helping to manipulate, Assembly and transportation become easy. So Novoad’s led screen will be more convenient for installing screens at remote locations in events, exhibitions, conferences, retail stores, …

Renting a transparent LED screen, designed to be easily disassembled, is the best choice for cultural and entertainment events.


LCT – rental transparent LED screen

Click the Cabinet:



Transparent led application location:

Rent LED screens throughout the stage, events, big anniversaries, exhibitions, retail chain stores, ..

Average life: 100,000 hours

Frame Material: Aluminum

Flexible installation in 2 forms: Hanging / Standing

Easy and fast setup

The screen has a unique and simple smart lock design.

Large aluminum construction ensures standard dimensions

Custom cabinet connector and power signal line, easier to install

A single cabinet can be taken out directly from the front or rear

Benefits of renting a transparent LED screen

The benefits of  rental transparent LED screen are many. First and foremost, they are much cheaper than buying a permanent one. Second, they can be rented for as long as you need and returned at the end of the lease term. Third, they can be customized to your specific needs. And finally, they are easy to transport from one place to another.

Easily adjust content

When  rental transparent LED screen for your project, program, for advertising display content, it will be easy to adjust and change quickly and easily with a few clicks.

The content is played through the computer linked to the screen, if it is necessary to change information, change videos, images, it is also very easy to do, in addition, diversifying advertising messages is also a good step. Many considerations when deciding to rent a transparent led screen, compared with ordinary print advertising, the traditional content will not be changed, the content will remain the same until the end of the program, making the audience Fake is boring and does not attract the attention of customers.

Cost optimization

Renting a transparent led screen is more optimal than buying a transparent led screen, so you will have to spend a large amount of money but it is not convenient, why say it is not convenient, the size will not can be flexible, for example, this year your business wants to participate in the exhibition and the suitable screen is 15m, but the screen you buy is only 6m, then you have to pay extra to rent an extra size, in case It is easy for companies with the same type of led, but if companies do not have the same led cabinet, the remaining cabinets will not combine evenly, leading to loss of aesthetics.

High aesthetics

Therefore, when renting a transparent led screen in accordance with the expected size of the stage, event, conference, it will make the stage become harmonious, the screen with high transparency, almost the screen will become a sheet. glasses, at a distance not too far, making the stage, visual and video display effects become more professional, attracting more attention of customers.

Installation – easy transport

The weight of transparent leds is only 12kg/m2 lighter than field leds, making moving, installation and construction easier and simpler than ever.

Application of renting transparent led screen

The application of renting transparent led screens for retail chains, store systems with the use of displaying the screen as a smart poster, instead of a printed media poster with content that flexibly changes from time to time. store activities or different promotions and different festive seasons or can decorate the interior of restaurants, restaurants, coffee shops: LED screens installed indoors for eateries, restaurants will turn the space comes alive to attract more customers, take advantage of the decoration and decoration effects, attract customers to visit, increase the amount of attention for customers

The  rental transparent LED screen service is also present at festivals, conferences, events, exhibitions, shows: good luminous feature for spaces with poor lighting conditions, not only that even under daylight can still show light relatively clearly. More prominently, we can use transparent leds for outdoor projection in festivals and shows

In showrooms displaying high-end products: car showrooms, cosmetic showrooms, retail store showrooms, any store that intends to focus on beauty is reasonable to use this display.

Restaurants, meeting rooms, conference rooms: For rooms with such a small area, it is very suitable to use transparent LED screens, this will help save and expand more space. More specifically, this LED screen can also display information on both sides for more efficiency and professionalism

Participate in the Coats . event

application to the retail store chain model

màn hình led tương tác phòng trưng bày

NOVOAD . transparent LED screen rental service

Along with the desire to bring customers satisfaction when renting a screen at our company as well as meet your company’s demand for transparent led screen rental service and the policies we offer based on Based on Novoad’s customer needs, the first factor is perhaps you just need to prepare a sufficient budget, suitable for the rental price of led screen, as in the market, if you do not know, you can also refer to it. offers and information below to be able to rent a screen for your project.

Novoad’s latest offers:

  • Support businesses to design for promotional videos if the project does not have content
  • Be supported by a team of technicians throughout the installation of a very professional screen
  • More especially, you will receive UP TO 10% DISCOUNT depending on the screen rental time as well as the rental area of ​​the screen.
  • The staff will support and advise on the installation of suitable screens for each project of the business.

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