Transparent LED screen at events, exhibitions, conferences, even retail stores, in commercial centers, a new generation of transparent led screens offers more different features than other conventional led screens, so what does this screen have that has so much application?

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What is a transparent led screen?

Transparent led screens are seen as the new advertising solution as an alternative to the traditional advertising method of printing.Improved on a wealth of experience, along with high transparency that can be as high as 95%, this screen displays images and videos at night using the theatrical effects that make it invisible into the daytime space, so it can help make the space bigger and more professional.This new transparent led screen will suit all the wishes and needs of customers, which can provide a new experience, a new stage effect version.

NOVOAD’s transparent LED display is designed with easy assembly and dismantling capabilities, it can illuminate day and night thanks to its high brightness, and is also the best choice for cultural and entertainment events.

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The transparent led screen with aluminum frame design reduces the weight of the screen, as well as ensure the correct size for the screen in addition the cabinets are connected with each other by smart locks, making the operation, assembly, transportation easy. So Novoad’s led screen will be more convenient for installing the screen at remote locations in events, exhibitions, conferences, retail stores,…

2. Better understand the characteristics of transparent led screens.

The transparent led screen is the quintessence of led technology, it is also a tool for businesses to maximize the display of advertising messages.So what special features does this LED display have that can work so beautifully?Let’s get NOVOAD through!

màn hình led có thật sự tinh hoa
Is the transparent led screen really as quintessential as it sounds?


a/ High screen transparency

The transparency of the led screen can be up to 95% in combination with the high-end led bulb, which is why the screen has more transparency, convenience for displaying images in a unique way and exudes the luxury of screen space.°

Besides, if you look from afar, they’re just like a glass wall with the ability to show images and videos.For aesthetics, this led screen will be extremely effective. It can be said that aesthetics will be the top note in events, so this led screen is enough to meet the most difficult criteria of customers

b/High brightness image makes the screen display beautiful.

The led display is transparent with adjustable illumination parameters close to daylight levels, which is more perfect than automatically adjusting to sunlight for increased lighting efficiency as desired. This display may also be suitable for outdoor lighting, which is even brighter during the day in sunlight.

On the other hand, in terms of quality, Full HD slideshow images, sharp display combined with increased motion flexibility at various locations are not subject to color change.

c/Screen weight is light, easy to dismantle and move

The transparent led screen is neatly constructed by the led modules put together, including the power source and integrated in the product. 

Each cabinet of the led screen is very light weight (only 12kg/m2), this weight compared to the normal led screen is only half, contributing part of the installation, use, maintenance and servicing of the screen becomes extremely easy.

d/ Helps to save more power

Compared to conventional led screens, transparent led screens save up to 30% of power.

Strictly designed and used materials, production, testing always ensure the highest quality of products.

e/ High screen life and durability

Lifespan reaches 100,000/1 hour simultaneously and has the ability to operate for many hours.

This ensures that the image and video slideshow process is always stable and achieves the highest performance and results.°

led transparent display
led transparent display

3. Applications of transparent led screens

Application to retail chain, store system with the use of screen display as a smart poster, instead of a media print poster with flexible content change according to each activity of the store or each different promotion and each different festive season or can decorate the interior of the diner, restaurant, coffee shop: LED screen installed in the house for the diner, the restaurant will turn the space into a lively space to attract more customers, take advantage of the refurbishment to decorate more effects, attract customers to visit, increase the amount of attention for customers

Transparent led screens are also present at festivals, conferences, events, exhibitions, performances: good illumination for spaces with poor lighting conditions, not only that, even in daylight, it is still possible to display light relatively clearly.

Outstanding, we can use transparent led for outdoor projection during festivals and shows.

At the showroom showcasing high-end products: car showrooms, cosmetics showrooms, retail showrooms, any store that intends to look to beauty is reasonable to use this screen

màn hình led trong suốt (4)

led display at car launch event

Restaurant, meeting room, conference room: For rooms with such a small area, it will be very suitable to use LED display throughout the meeting will save more space and expand the space.

In particular, this LED display can also display information on both sides to give more efficiency and professionalism.

Actual picture of led screen Novoad


LED screen at talentnet event


LED screen at Poscher event

LED display at retail store


LED screen at event

Novoad is a reputable transparent led rental unit, with a team of well-trained and specialized technical and consulting staff that will help your project be more successful.
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